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Anime is a popular Japanese genre of television, film, and comic books. The stories typically feature anthropomorphic animal characters and are usually set in futuristic or modern timespans. The stories are usually humorous, dramatic and action-packed; they captivate audiences worldwide with its unique combination of creative art, music and storytelling. Anime merchandise— goods featuring anime characters — is among the many goods fans create as souvenirs from their favorite shows. They also buy original merchandise online to support the industry. Some fans create their own merchandise based on a character’s hairstyle or outfit from a show they enjoy.

Anime merch available online ranges from typical clothes to distinctive cosplays— costumes based on one’s favorite characters from an anime series. These include T-shirts, bags, backpacks, blankets and hats featuring popular anime characters such as Naruto from Naruto or Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon. Fans also use social media to promote their creations by posting photos of their goods online. Websites and online retailers are also popular places to buy original anime merchandise— merchandise that has been created specifically for the market by an anime production company. The merchandise is then sold through wholesalers or directly by the company to buyers like fans. Some companies have multiple licenses for different anime series so they can sell related merchandise like plush toys or collectible figurines under the same branding scheme.

Anime fans often create their own unique designs for cosplays or promotional items such as mugs and stickers that they can give away to friends and family members who enjoy their interest in anime shows or characters. Some fans have made thousands of dollars selling custom-made “cosplay props” at conventions across the country. Other fans sell their original designs on social media sites like Instagram under the hashtag #animemerchandise so other fans can purchase their designs.

Anime merch has become increasingly popular among both hardcore and casual fans alike over the last few decades, as evidenced by its availability online as well as at conventions where cosplayers showcase their creations for others to admire. Although licensed merchandise typically sells for less than fan-created merchandise due to its mass production, it still brings in significant revenue for licensed shows and publishers alike. According to market research firm ICv2, sales of physical anime merchandise totaled $14 billion in 2017— more than Hollywood movie revenues that year ($13 billion). While physical goods remain an important part of the fandom market due to shipping costs, many companies now offer virtual versions of original and licensed goods through websites via email order catalogs or direct sales via social media platforms like Facebook with an e-commerce store front component such as Amazon Marketplace or eBay .

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